Vattenverkstaden  ”The water workshop” 

The basic idea of Vattenverkstaden is to encouraging curiosity, increase understanding, knowledge and responsibility for water, nature, the environment and sustainable development through pedagogy, culture, experience and outdoor education. 

We offer experience-based activities and always adapt all activities and projects to needs, wishes and conditions. We have a high competence and years of experience and we constantly develop methods to make nature accessible to everyone in a fun and creative way! We often use different aesthetic forms of expression to spread knowledge and create an experience of water and its environments. We arrange workshops, events and projects with drama, music, movement, dance, fairy tales, play and art as tools to learn about nature. 

The main purpose for Vattenverkstaden is to transform knowledge from experts into participants through various forms of experiences and we want everyone to be able to take part in our experiences. Our guiding principle is that everyone should be able to take part in experiences based on their abilities and conditions! 

In different projects we have specialized in accessibility to our activities and other outdoor activities for (and together with) people with disabilies of all ages. We cooperate with special schools, programs for adults with learning disabilities and disability organizations as well as city councils, public park and environment authorities and other NGOs that target disability, accessibility and water/environmental issues. 

The Blue Box-homepage to inspire everyone to outdoor activities (in Swedish): blaladan.se

Pictures of the activities in The Blue Box: 

A movie of the activities in The Blue Box:

Our founder Peder Hansson was recognized by the City of Malmoe for our work with accessibility and equal value for all: Article